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Let’s Meditate



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“I am very thankful with this self healing class by Monique, it was one of the best choices I've made in my life. I've got to find myself and learn so much about myself I didn't know. Monique has taught me so much within the 3 week course. I would highly recommend it. Don't hesitate I hesitated just because I didn't know what to expect and I would've definitely regret it if I wouldn't have contacted her. Thank you Monique for everything I appreciate it so much." 



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"I used to be very inconsistent with my meditation due to a lack of focus and concentration. It didn’t get easier until I began practicing Guided Meditation with Êncorê and it was a complete game changer! I’ve really never been more motivated to fit meditating into my daily routine with the countless breakthroughs I’ve had with her help! She has numerous techniques and tools to put to use for WHATEVER you feel like you’re stagnant in. Her voice alone helps you to almost immediately fall into this portal of peace and tranquility! Her words help you shift your focus when you feel you’re losing concentration; and her energy vibrates at a frequency you can’t help but you feel like you’ve obtained when you hear her knowledge and wisdom! I’d highly recommend guided meditation with Êncorê if you have trouble focusing and you sometimes don’t even know where to start once you close your eyes, like myself, lol !!"


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