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Give An Encore Sea Moss Family

Meet Encore

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Dance Artist and Motivational Speaker

I learned the fundamentals of business leadership from my grandmother when I was 11 years old. She taught me how to think about helping others and how to start a business in order to generate income from it.

After teaching Dance Art for many years around the world, I found myself in a lot of pain when I dislocated my shoulder. I was afraid I would never be able to dance again. After researching different vitamins and medications to help with inflammation and pain, I discovered that Sea Moss contains 92 of the102 vital minerals that the body needs for proper body development. I gave Sea Moss a try and WOW...not only did it make my pain decrease, it made my inflammation virtually non-existent.

Sea Moss changed my body first, and now it has changed my life, because I am now driven to help others feel their best as much as I do.

Give An Encore Owner

Monique Benson

As you observe your life, you will begin to learn what you have been through and what you have been able to learn from it. That is the essence of true wisdom.

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